Community of Inquiry

The Community Of Inquiry: It's Processes and Benefits

Welcome to a community where critical, creative, collaborative and caring thinking form the underlying structures of learning.

We at SAPEA are a community of educators who work to implement this vision in all out teaching opportunities.

In broad pedagogical terms a lesson progression looks like this:

Step 1 | A stimulus is given

Step 2 | Students generate questions prompted by the stimulus

Step 3 | Students choose one question and discuss their thoughts. 

Step 4 | Students reflect on the discussion and how their thinking has changed

Educational outcomes for the Community of Inquiry include;

  • Engagement
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Student-led discussion
  • Ethical understanding
  • Collaboration
  • Student voice and agency


SAPEA offers level 1/Introductory Training for the Certificate in of Philosophy for Children for teachers once a year. This is a FAPSA Accredited 3 Day course offered by experienced Philosophy for Children Educators. In 2020 Certificate training will be offered in May. If you are interested in finding out more about P4C Training please contact us. SAPEA also undertakes Facilitator Training for teachers. This is a half day workshop that prepares teachers to facilitate in a Community of Inquiry event.


SAPEA offers training to students in CoI methods and skills. All our trainers are registered teachers in SA with a minimum of Level 1/Introductory Certificate in Philosophy for Children. When we come to your school we conduct a double lesson where students are introduced to the basic skills and needed to succeed in a Community of Inquiry. Arrange for one of our educators to come out to your school and conduct a session with your students. A double lesson costs just $120.


SAPEA hosts two special events each year in partnership with the Art Gallery of South Australia and the Centre of Democracy. These are whole day intensives that are fun and engaging for students. They have the opportunity to experience the Community of Inquiry in a stimulating environment, with skilled facilitators and meet other students from around the state. SAPEA subsidises the costs so that students only pay $10 each, as well as a scholarship for those in economic need.